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Stigma & Discrimination

Everyone all affects and is affected by mental health, just like their body health. Mental ill-health is not subject to discrimination. It’s just one of the things that can happen to anyone, and it’s a business for all of us. We all have times when we feel down or stressed. In general, the feelings pass, but sometimes they can be driven to a more profound problem. Our experiences of mental health are witnessed in different forms because the experiences can be impacted by circumstances change and different stages of your life.
However, there’s still stigma and discrimination about mental health problems. That’s the reason Not Only Me is trying to tackle the ignorance, prejudice, and misguided stereotype about mental ill-health. The stigma and discrimination can drive people who are mentally unwell to feel worse. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to receive fair treatment if they are ill or depressed.

An injured arm normally takes time and medical support to heal. An injured mind is not different at all. Even though mental ill-health couldn’t get well at once, with the right support, we should know that 70% of people diagnosed as mental ill-health gradually goes on to make a full recovery.
Not Only Me is a program to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination in South Korea. We are funded by people who empathise with others’ emotional experiences and want to give their hands to others.

In the case of South Korea, an awareness of the importance of mental health is not developed rather than other countries. Although the Korean government has been supporting several organisations to improve awareness of mental health since a couple of years ago, the efforts have very limited boundaries due to poor supporting. In other countries, various and subdivided programs about mental health under great support of government are witnessed.
For example, in Canada, the government made Eat Together Day that aims to connect Canadians through sharing a meal, and in the UK, there’re mental health support teams in every university. With Koreans’ perspective, these cases are not normal. It means that the perspective of mental ill-health is a kind of taboo that people are unwilling to touch.

So, Not Only Me project is launched aiming to improve the awareness of mental health in South Korea. One of the most important things to increase awareness of mental health would be empathising with others’ feelings such as depression, sorrow, and so on. This empathising is not only understanding others’ emotional experiences, but also considering the fact that anyone can feel down or stressed, including your family, friends, and coworkers. This will be a trigger to tackle prejudice, ignorance, and misguided stereotype about mental ill-health.

 Not Only Me


Please treat others’ stories with respect

This website is one of Not Only Me’s project to handle awareness of mental health, collecting others’ memories and time. As mentioned, to make people empathise with others’ emotions and know anyone can be mentally unwell, people’s stories and emotional experiences are archived.
The posters made by people. Each posters are including people’s sotries and memories.